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flying friends

you are a pilot, flight attendant or do you work in the airline industry? Then you are exactly right here!

My name is Martin, I am co-owner of juenmi. So the “m” in juenmi, to be precise. I am also a pilot and have been flying people from all over the world around our globe for many years. Together with my wife Ingrid – she is the “i” in juenmi – I have lived in many exciting places around the world. Sometimes closer, sometimes further from home. We were able to get to know great people with their very personal stories. Many encounters also led to long-term friendships.

With our small hotel we were now able to fulfill a dream. And the greatest thing is that this dream can now be lived at home. We want to continue to be surrounded by people who inspire us and fascinate us with their stories.

The Flying Friends program offers special prices at juenmi to those working in the airline industry. Simply register and we will send you a special discount code by email. 

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